Junior Producer

Los Angeles


The Junior Producer is under general supervision of the CD. This position has the FSLA classification of exempt. The position is responsible for working closely with the team and assisting in managing the projects while working with the CD and key managers to promote a creative brand, culture and an environment that motivates and allows Create Advertising to produce cutting edge creative design but also remain financially successful. This role helps creatively collaborate on projects for Create Advertising in all areas related to the post production process, and is responsible with working with the entire team on the project, taking direction and assisting when needed, and being proactive in anticipating project/team needs. The Junior Producer must manage the projects to maintain creative expectations and ensure budget requirements are met, including but not limited to: ensuring the projects are well organized, teams are communicated with effectively, client notes are addressed, project scheduling is tracked and maintained, and billing is reviewed and completed in a timely manner. This position requires absolute discretion and confidentiality.

Salary range $75k – $125k

Essential Functions & Responsibilities

  1. Support the CD and key managers to deliver the best marketing campaigns for films, series, streaming, etc.
  2. 2. Stay passionate and motivated on continuing the education in this role and always proactively working towards creative growth.
  3. Ensure campaigns are kept on track and all deliverables are met on time and exceed client expectations.
  4. Comfortable with client facing responsibilities and client communication.
  5. Oversee and communicate requests to team of editors, graphics, music supervisors, writers and finishing throughout creative process.
  6. Manage and coordinate inflow and outflow of all project related assets from campaign conception to final delivery.
  7. Help develop a standard workflow and organization for the team to ensure efficiency and timely delivery.
  8. Works directly with the creative team to ensure the project is set up and executed at the highest level, including being up to speed on all materials.
  9. Work towards further opportunities with potential clients that can help grow Create Advertising further in the marketplace.
  10. Communicate necessary resources to meet project needs and maintain budget limitations. Must set priorities and communicate when priorities change or changes must be made to ensure the team is notified.
  11. Work closely with the editorial staff to learn and ensure direction is understood and all notes clearly communicated.
  12. Contribute to the creative process through sharing ideas, research on trends, writing, help put decks together and necessary research for projects, etc.
  13. Stay on top of all project logistics, including daily tasks, regular check-in’s, status updates, project breakdowns, organizing/formatting script presentations, conducting music searches, creating continuities, coordinating client gifts, billing/budget proposals, posting and QCing materials that are being presented, managing project access, sending materials to test/figuring out specs, stock footage research, thorough notetaking, scheduling meetings/calls, asset management, ordering cue sheets/graphics/finishing preps, handling VFX strings and tracking VFX shot lists, ADR/VO talent booking and reading, and etc.
  14. Supports all levels of staff with the CD and key managers, and ensures proper communication at shift change with any evening personnel regarding OT and/or weekend work.
  15. Remains current on all trends and creative influences in our industry. Communicates any necessary changes to the team to help target and identify any upcoming project opportunities.
  16. Review hours and outside costs associated with a project on a constant basis to ensure the correct billing is created, approved internally, and submitted to the client in a timely basis.
  17. Work with team to ensure the culture of Create Advertising is maintained and grown as the company grows and changes.


Abilities & Competencies

To perform the essential function of this position, the incumbent regularly employs the following communication and reasoning abilities and competencies:

  • Effective communication skills, including receiving and returning phone calls and emails promptly, whether they are internal or external Able to actively and attentively listen
  • Able to proactively think through, evaluate and solve problems logically
  • Able to organize work effectively in order to meet deadlines
  • Attentive to detail and organized through every aspect of the project, including notetaking
  • Conduct and present all matters in a professional, confidential and courteous manner
  • Collaborate and coordinate with other departments respectfully

Performance of the essential functions involves the following physical and/or sensory abilities:

  • Frequently using hands to manipulate equipment or media
  • Frequently typing on a keyboard
  • Frequently sitting and performing deskwork