Trailer Editor


Main duties & responsibilities

Producing unique high-quality advertising in the form of;

  • Theatrical trailers,
  • TV and radio campaigns,
  • Content for social media platforms,
  • Advertising for digital and outdoor formats.

Required skills

  • Experience producing film trailers and other forms of entertainment advertising.
  • Experience working alone as well as in collaboration with creative producers, creative directors, marketing executives and film makers.
  • Proven experience working with Adobe Premiere Pro.


  • Prior experience working as an editor cutting specialist short from advertising.
  • Work on campaigns for the major US studios and independent films.
  • Experience cutting for a range of film genres; action, comedy, horror, romance etc.
  • Experience cutting advertising which is narrative, action and music driven.
  • Experience of feature/short film production and/or non-film advertising may be beneficial, but film advertising experience is key.

Applicants should provide a CV and Showreel of recent work